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Guidelines for Ordering

1.) The first thing you need to do is choose which package you would like to order. If you would like to order more than one layout you'll need to fill out the form once for every order you have. For instance, if you want to order three layouts then you will need to fill out the form three times.

2.) You must provide me with the pictures you would like used in your layout. Remember, the higher the quality of the pictures you provide, the higher the quality of your layout. If you need a place to upload your images try TinyPic or ImageShack.

3.) Basic knowledge of HTML is needed in order to use my layouts. The best place I've found to learn basic HTML for beginners is Lissa Explains It All, I suggest you check out that site before you order a layout from me if you don't have any knowledge of HTML.

4.) Once I'm finished, I'll send you a preview of your layout and if you like it you can pay me and I'll send you the complete layout. If you're unhappy with your layout I will edit it to a certain extent. Colors, font, etc. Should you decide not to purchase your layout after I am finished, I will sell it as a premade design.

5.) Payments should be made after I finish your layout. All payments are completely final and should be made through PayPal only--no exceptions.

6.) Once payment has been received and your order is finalized I ask that you don't make any major changes to the layout I've designed for you. Please make sure that you have me make all the changes you'd like while I'm still working on your design. Also, you must keep the layout I make you up on your site for at least two weeks, so that others may see my work live, and you must keep the link back to K8 Designs intact.

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